Final update from the Good Mental Health Coop

For those of you who have been following our fortunes, you’ll be aware that the Good Mental Health Coop closed down all our activities at the end of March.

However we’re lucky enough to have found partners who will continue a lot of the work we’ve been developing over the years, so I’d like to introduce these enterprises again to you.

Please scroll down to find more info and links to the work of Creatful, Sanpau Creative Wellbeing, and Creative Mental Health – three enterprises which share the values and philosophy of the Good Mental Health Coop.

The weekly Nexus Women’s Creativity and Wellbeing group, which meets on Tuesday mornings, will be continuing through another social enterprise, Creatful. Nancy Fellows started Creatful a few years ago in the Havant / Waterlooville area. She will be overseeing the future development of ‘Creatful Buckland’ along with regular facilitator Jane Moody.

The women’s group will continue as before with the same format after the Easter school holidays, on Tuesday 16 April, and you can click here to see the Creatful programme of activities for April.
To keep up to date with the latest news from Creatful, you can sign up on their website here:

Sandy Walker was a co-founder and leading influence in the direction and value of the Good Mental Health Coop.  She has started a new community interest company, Sanpau, with Paul Williams, and they have now moved into the Good Mental Health Coop office base at the Buckland United Reformed Church in Portsmouth.

Their programme of workshops is based on a similar philosophy to the Mental Wealth Academy programmes we ran previously – promoting creativity in different forms as a path to good mental health and wellbeing. Sanpau are keen to seek funding as well, and to work with other organisations in the city to deliver support accessible to all. 

To keep up to date with the latest news from Sanpau, you can sign up on their website here:

Sarah Haskett is a long standing partner involved in projects with the Good Mental Health Cooperative. Her enterprise is called Creative Mental Health, and she has hosted our Mental Wealth Academy workshops and courses as part of her website, as well as creating an online exhibition to showcase the work of our Stories of Asylum project. This online content will continue to be available, and Sarah also plans to redevelop the Books Alive! initiative in the future.

We’re delighted to let you know that Sarah is on maternity leave right now with her baby boy Jacob. However if you’d like to keep in the loop for when Sarah gets back to work, you can sign up to her website here:

The Good Mental Health Cooperative has now ceased trading as of 31 March 2024.

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