An autumn of creativity

The With Men in Mind programme of creativity and wellbeing workshops has had a brilliant start over the last couple of months with 22 men attending so far.

Starting again on Friday 13 January, the With Men in Mind workshops will be every Friday from 1.30 – 3pm at the Buckland United Reformed Church, 174 Kingston Road, PO2 7LP.

Thanks to recently awarded funding from GVA, we’ll also be adding the opportunity to join in physical exercise sessions such as indoor games, seated pilates and activities to strengthen mobility and promote wellbeing.

This beautiful sculpture of clasped hands – The Friendship Club – was made by one of our regular group members, Tom. Although this was made prior to the With Men in Mind programme, we feel it represents the spirit of our workshops as we plan the next programme from January to March 2023.

Our last session of 2022 was a brilliant music and singing jam led by one of our volunteers Alex. Click here to see a short video of the men singing their rendition of Hey Jude, entertaining the Community Cafe customers in the process.

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