Welcome to 2023!

This is a special year for the Good Mental Health Coop as it’s our 10th anniversary. As with everything else going on though, we know its going to be a tough year to get through. Our priority is to continue to build opportunities for people to engage with creative and wellbeing activities which promote good mental health. We want to reduce people’s experience of social isolation, anxiety and depression, and challenge health inequalities in the local neighbourhoods of Fratton, Buckland and North End in particular.

Our Nexus women’s group and men’s workshops programme continue to grow from strength to strength, helping people build confidence and resilience to overcome difficult experiences. Thanks to funding from GVC, we’re now able to introduce accessible exercise activities to improve mental and physical health in all our groups.

Here are some suggestions for self care resolutions:

  • Commit to at least one act of self care a day – small or large, it all counts
  • Make small changes to create a life that benefits your mental health and the areas of your life that need support
  • Do more of what helps you feel good – more sleep, more healthy eating, more exercise, more meditation
  • Unfollow, unfriend, snooze any social media accounts that don’t bring you joy. Join a real life group.

And here are some other opportunities to work on your mental health in the New Year:

Click here to see free workshops from Positive Minds starting in January.

Click here to view free courses on healthy living and lifestyle with the WEA (Workers Educational Association)

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