Stories of Asylum – Portsmouth Bookfest Special

During 2020-21 a team of researchers from the Good Mental Health Coop pulled together an incredible online exhibition featuring real peoples’ stories of mental health treatment at the Portsmouth Borough Lunatic Asylum, later St James Hospital. Inspired by 100 year old medical records from the Portsmouth History Centre, and the stories of the people who spent time at the hospital, Christine Lawrence wrote a series of monologues and then a novel called ‘Emily’ based on the real stories she researched.

In a voluntary collaboration of local creatives, a series of short films are being developed to make connections with this hidden social history. Film maker Rollo of the Bluesbury Group has worked with author Christine Lawrence, and Sarah Haskett of Creative Mental Health to create the first of the series – the story of Emily. Emily’s sweetheart left to fight in the war, and a series of events leads to her admission to the Portsmouth Asylum.

Join us for a night of heritage and connect with the rich history of real peoples’ lives. These creative inspired stories will open your heart, your mind and your knowledge to new experiences and understanding.

Sunday 5th March, 6.30pm in the Menuhin Room, Portsmouth Central Library

Project presentation, readings by author Christine Lawrence, and screening of the short film ‘Emily’

Click here for more information and tickets @ £7.50

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