What on earth is a Mental Wealth Trialogue when it’s at home?

Trialogue meetings are welcoming and inclusive of all community members, including mental health service users, carers, families, friends, professionals and anyone with an interest in promoting good mental health in the community. 

Within communities there is a huge diversity of knowledge and experience that can be used to transform our services, hence a ‘wealth’ of under-utilised resource. ‘Trialogue’ groups already exist in many places in Europe and can help communities to change the perception that only those who work in the field of mental health are the experts in mental health.

Mental health is everyone’s business, regardless of their background and experience.

The Good Mental Health Cooperative has been coordinating Trialogue discussions since 2015 in Portsmouth, Southampton and Gosport. The feedback we’ve received is that people find the events inspiring and a really positive experience.

So please join us for our virtual Trialogue discussion on Zoom
Wednesday 22 July at 7pm.

Click here to sign up for the Mental Wealth Trialogue

And if you want to know more ….

Click here to see the interview with Dr.Sandy Walker talking about Trialogue events

Click here to download the Mental Wealth Trialogue booklet

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