What are your memories of mental health care?

As part of a mental health history project funded by the Heritage Lottery, our project group have created a short survey to begin gathering people’s memories of using or working in mental health services.

We know there are some of you whose memories go back at least 50 years to the 1960s, but you don’t have to go back that far! Memories from 10 years ago are just as welcome.

We’re particularly interested in your memories of the hospitals in South East Hampshire – St.James Hospital in Portsmouth and Knowle Hospital in Wickham. However any memories of being in contact with mental health services are welcome – whether as a service user, a carer or family member, a visitor, or as a worker.

Here are some examples of memories shared so far:

“My grandmother was a night nurse and used to ride around the grounds on her bike taking over staff breaks. She also used to feed the feral cats. This was in the 1960’s.”

 “The length of the main corridor and the diversity of activity it contained. Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Porters, Visitors and others. Walking, strolling, leaning, talking, arguing, working and smoking, it was like the High Street in a small town, I was fascinated.”

 “Hazy memories of the staff. Going into a different ward to the one I was in and telling everyone to wake up and get up in the middle of the night. Giving a signed agreement to receive ECT without the knowledge or agreement of kin. This was rectified as I mentioned signing something to my husband at visiting time a short time later. I have always felt relief that I didn’t receive that particular cure although I have heard that it was found to be beneficial in some cases.”

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