Update from the Good Mental Health Coop

Owing to the coronavirus public health emergency, we have suspended all project activities being delivered and planned by the Good Mental Health Coop.

We are very much aware that community based support groups and activities are a very real lifeline for many people, offering social contact, emotional support and interests – all of which help people to work towards good mental health and wellbeing – whatever their starting point. The fact that most of these are now suspended for the foreseeable future, alongside the uncertainties, anxieties and practical problems we face over the next weeks, possibly months, is hard to even contemplate.

We will be contributing to the city wide efforts in Portsmouth to offer practical and emotional support for those who are self-isolating, socially isolated, or who have difficulties in coping for all kinds of reasons.

Our priority will also be to send out a weekly e-newsletter, to offer  information about on-line resources to help people struggling with mental and emotional distress, and share practical suggestions about how to look after your mental health in these uncertain times. We welcome any suggestions from you about websites, apps, podcasts, videos etc which you have found helpful for staying mentally healthy.

Click here for the latest advice from Mind 

Click here for the official NHS advice about COVID-19

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