Southampton – June 2018

The Mental Wealth Trialogue was held on 27 June 2018. Of the 17 people who attended, 16 identified themselves as having lived experience, 10 as carers, 9 as professionals and 6 as interested public.

How do we pull the healthcare profession into touch to become more holistic?

In deciding who we mean by Healthcare professionals.

Do people believe Healthcare professionals are not operating holistically?

A psychiatrist who’s interested in the whole of life is a good thing we need more like this.

Some Healthcare professionals will be holistic, some definitely won’t.

Pain is often attributed to mental health issues.

They mix it up.

Blaming physical health issues on mental health issues.

Complementary therapy is much better than counselling for example hypnotherapy.

There is not enough research going into it.

Some therapies work, some don’t.

Some therapies can be traumatising for example CBT-good for one not good for another.

Different needs need different approaches.

Funding issues, resources are funnelled off into certain things for example IAPT.

Creates a group of people not well enough for IAPT but too well for mental Health Services.

For employment or psychiatric reports is needed but there is no resource to do it.  We are fire fighting in mental Healthcare.

Can we actually find time to be properly holistic?

Once the relationship develops between professional and  person this helps.

Resources are really low 1 Dr Is now covering for four others.

Noticeboard information to allow self-management would be useful.

Healthcare professionals should take on board when someone is suffering badly.

On Friday and Saturday it is very hard to be alone so keep as busy as we can.

We tried to use the crisis lounge.  At 315 on a Sunday afternoon we finally got a call we were so close to giving up.

Professional say how they think it should be but they aren’t the ones who actually struggling.

Don’t bury mental health issues with alcohol.

Reach out for one another

There are people out there who do recognise we are worthwhile.

Peer support, we see each other as equals and can support each other.

Having a buddie can really work, then we know what the other person is going through.  We go to help each other too share to help.

There needs to be a shift of diagnosis.  There are so many categories they all exclude you from some thing, you’re either too mild or too severe.  The second and third diagnosis can’t get a service.  Is not designed to treat the whole person.

We can look well on the outside.  Professionals need to recognise what I say not what I look like.

People are falling between two stalls.

The whole way we as a society deal with people in crisis, we are still medicalise.  It is not the answer.

The crisis lounge is a great idea, but it’s in a hospital behind closed and locked doors.

During the wellbeing survey, people were asking for connection when things were difficult we need to publicise the map that shows all these places and have professionals go to these places.

There needs to be a place where people can go at different times across the weekend not just during the week.

Not to medicalise but just to talk and have a friendly face.

Some of the subways are open till four OEM, we can go there.  AMHT could hang out there!  Crisis spots.

Like the dementia friendly places.

We often end up in the emergency department it is a horrible place to go and expensive to get there.

Healthcare professionals need to concentrate on prevention.

We only get 10 sessions to help us get over a massive trauma.

The whole system is full of holes and system nonsense loopholes, nothing is individualised.

We need somewhere out of hours, particularly having a person who has the insight to really listen.

Ridiculous solutions that are offered.  ” you shouldn’t”

Someone who actually listens is what’s needed.

Crisis lounge, couldn’t see anyone 10 minutes and promised the call know was sent away.

Some community venues can’t do it consistently.

Do we have to pay to get well?

Peer support is really useful.  Survivors by suicide group.  There is usually somebody there and they will respond.

glib sayings do not help.

There is something so individual about losing someone to suicide.  We don’t need a solution.  We want someone to listen, to be seen and heard.

Are service is really that busy?

We also need support groups for example early interventions.  Lots are made to wait until it’s in a crisis time.  We need to be helped much earlier.

Peer support is the best.  N

Early intervention was great at the time but then when it ends its really dramatic and there isn’t any extra support.

Need an app where people with mental health issues can connect together locally.

When feeling really bad it’s hard to connect with the others.

Having enough money is a barrier if people are meeting in cafes.  Also if things aren’t advertised well enough.

It would be good if people would opt in as part of the scheme so could do free refreshments as part of the scheme.

And how about a mentally friendly city.

Some just need a conversation over coffee, others need more so they could be referred on.

Professionals tell people what they need rather than listening.

The crisis lounge is not working currently you have to phone first.  Many don’t have mobile phones so how are they supposed to get in contact?

Students get all these posh buildings and those of us who live here all the time it pushed aside.

Triage is needed, it could be at Antelope house with more peer workers.

Lounge sounds like you could just hang Alps, it needs to be a significant space.

Crisis teams were meant to do triage but how can we get them to do it?

Other puzzles and activities arts box and the facilitator of a base room are needed so people have a space.

An appointment can be confrontational.

We can be very nervous at times of crisis, an informal spaces less intimidating.  It softens the blow of a crisis.  A safe place to hang out.  On a drop in basis is best in him.

We need less hurdles not more in a crisis.

We can get this feedback via Pals.

They tend to be a bit wishy washy but this could be the first mechanism also Healthwatch, the head honcho needs to be aware.

We could do a petition to state what is required.  We appreciate the effort but.…

I keep well collaborative, it could feed into their coproduction is meant to be big with them.

Community based services best and required.  Having a diagnosis doesn’t mean you get access to services and that’s not fair.

When you go to the GP it’s a nightmare to get a referral unless your suicidal.

If you break your leg UEB CCE be seen and you wouldn’t be left with your leg partially fixed then sent away.  This costs more in the long term.

It’s shameful that there are other services.

Society is now very damaging to people

Questions for next time:

  1. What is recovery and what does it mean to you?
  2. How do we get ourselves well again and keep well?