Taking Stock of our Mental Health

On the other hand, the world has slowed down. Nature is recuperating without our relentless pollution, our air is cleaner, the sea bluer. There may be time to be creative, to garden, to bake, to relax in new ways. What can we be grateful for in terms of our emotional wellbeing? Are there lessons to be learned for the gradual lifting of restrictions to come?

How do we look after our own emotional health and mental wellbeing in these unprecedented circumstances? What stresses have eased, and what others have taken their place? What can we learn from the current situation about good mental health? What are the most effective ways to support people experiencing mental distress?

The Good Mental Health Coop wants to start a ‘wider conversation’ about the different experiences people are having, what works in our own lives, what support we might need, what support we need to be offering others …

If you’d like to help us make a start, why not take a look at this survey and share your experiences. Its completely anonymous.

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