Reflections on Love, Loss and Covid 19

Collectively we will also be experiencing a grieving process as we adjust to the social and economic impact of the pandemic, and we need to find ways to support individuals, families and communities who have felt the brunt of the death toll and the long term health consequences of Covid 19. Its helpful to realise that in the aftermath of large scale disasters and traumatic events, solutions must be communal not just individual. A communal perspective provides for initiatives such as support groups, rituals which recognise and remember collective experiences, creative expression and safe environments. All these measures enable grieving to take place, and recognise that grieving is a necessary and healthy part of individual and community healing. 

Here in Portsmouth, the Good Mental Health Coop is part of the Mental Health Alliance, set up last year to coordinate a city wide response to the impact of the pandemic on mental health in the community. An online training course, Bereavement Support through the Covid Crisis, has been produced to help a wide range of organisations and volunteers understand how to offer support with bereavement.

Also available is a directory of resources related to bereavement, put together by the Hive Portsmouth.

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