Let the Genie Out of the Box

If you’re feeling lonely or socially isolated, it can be really hard to know where to start making connections with other people. There’s so  much information out there but how do you decide what’s the right direction for you, and just how do you make those first steps? At the monthly Good Mental Health Cafe events,  there’s an opportunity to try out the on-line Genie programme with one of our friendly volunteers.

Genie helps you to think about your current social support network, however limited that might feel, and then takes you through a series of questions to identify what are your main interests and priorities. You’re then able to view a database search of local activities and support resources which link to your own priorities, while at the same time helping you think about who can support you to make contact and get involved.

Honestly, it really does work! Here’s some recent feedback:

I was so impressed with the session yesterday. It was run really well. You made us feel very welcome and were also gentle/sensitive to the person I was supporting. All your team were so friendly and helpful. This session certainly helped us to start thinking/talking about positive/new things this person can do. The Genie tool was a great aid in this.

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