Feedback – 24 June

Of the 21 people who took part in the Trialogue on 24 June, 12 identified themselves as having lived experience, 2 as carers, 11 as professionals and 4 as interested public. Seven people identified more than one interest.

What one thing did you most like about the Trialogue?

Variety of experiences. Move to action not just talking.

No hierarchies. Openness.

Open discussion and the way the facilitator controlled the meeting

Good open dialogue – everyone got to talk

Being able to talk openly with other like minded people

Coming together of eclectic group with different viewpoints offering holistic picture

The wealth of knowledge everyone has brought to this meeting

Open discussion. Loved it, very powerful

When we got going in the second half!

Open dialogue, good balance between speakers

People listened

The range of views were diverse, thought provoking

Freedom of communication and safety to be honest

The leader speaker did an excellent job and ensured the conversation flowed. Well done!

What one thing would you like to see improved at the next Trialogue?

Welcome everyone and a brief explanation about the purpose and history of the Trialogue concept

More diversity (in terms of people)

Bigger group

More knowledge about alternative methods to help mental health

More people with lived experience of mental health

Possible networking?

To know roughly where do the suggestions go after the trialogue