Hampshire Festival of the Mind

Join the Hampshire  Festival of the Mind in Southampton in September

It’s about HOPE! World Suicide Prevention Day is Monday 10 September

In England, one person dies every two hours as a result of suicide. There were 6,188 suicides of over 15 years old registered in 2015, an increase of  3.8% from the year before. Moreover, suicide in males is more than three times likely than females particularly aged around 40-44 years old. However, everyone can make a contribution to preventing suicide. Come and join the Hampshire Festival of the Mind in Southampton from 6 – 14 September, with a range of events and activities.

Our keynote event is ‘Keeping the Hope’ on Monday, 10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day, at the Central Baptist Church, Devonshire Road, Southampton. Here you can find out information, view exhibitions, take part in activities and workshops, and hear inspiring stories of hope.

“It’s About Hope”” is inspired by peer-led mental health support group, Creative Options, who have brought together a programme of events and activities in partnership with the Good Mental Health Co-operative, funded by the Big Lottery ‘Awards for All’. The aim is to raise the awareness of issues around suicide, reduce stigma, encourage people to seek help before reaching crisis point, and ensure appropriate support and services are available.

The second main event, “Walk of Hope”, is on Tuesday 11 September, and invites people to walk from darkness into the light. We’ll be gathering at 6 am outside the Hawthorn’s Café on Southampton Common, and welcome all those who’s lives have been affected by suicide. The ‘Walk of Hope’ is inspired by the ‘Darkness into Light’ initiative across Ireland. Brendon O’Reilly of the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is working in partnership with Creative Options to put on this event.

Other local groups and enterprises involved with the Hampshire Festival of The Mind 2018 include: SoCo Music Project, Touch Network, and the Natural Voice Network.

Here are details of other events and activities for the Hampshire Festival of the Mind programme: