Feedback from 28 October

22 people attended this Trialogue event. Of these, 14 described themselves as having lived experience of mental ill-health, 5 as carers or family, 10 as professionals and 7 as interested public. 10 people indicated more than one category.

Comments were as follows:

What one thing did you most like about the Trialogue?

Everybody was free to talk, nobody was ‘forced’ to do so. Kind atmosphere.

Sarah’s role, encouraging and facilitating – listening, reflecting back, and summing up contributors thoughts.

Everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences.

Diversity of the group.

It was good that I took the opportunity to speak in public as I have to do this and it has been making me agitated.

What one thing would you like to see improved at the next Trialogue?

People not interrupting each other.

Interruptions / over speaking

Better control over the flow of conversation.

Continue encouraging people contributing respectfully one at a time.

All good! Thanks!