Discover Meaning and Values

The changes we’ve experienced in our lives over the past year may have caused some to ask questions about the meaning of it all, and feel as if their own sense of meaning has somehow come adrift. Others may have discovered a new sense of meaning in their lives.

Over 70 years ago, Frankl identified three ways in which we can find meaning:

  • Creativity – or giving something to the world through self- expression,
  • Experiencing the world by interacting authentically with our environment and with others, and
  • Changing our attitude when we are faced with a situation or circumstance that we cannot change.

Another way which I’ve found important is to re-visit my own core personal values from time to time. What we value has a big impact on the meaning we attribute to things, and different aspects of our lives. When we lose sight of what we value in life, it’s easy to lose energy, motivation and our sense of direction. 

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