March 25 Portsmouth

Opening question :

How can Mental Health be Promoted in Communities?

Part I

Definition of community neededMental Health in the Community original (2)

Definition of mental health needed

We are disconnected in person but connected by technology

Mental health is as vital as physical health

Promote the idea of individual notion of mental health it is a vital precept

Work on removing stigma is still important

There is a confusion between mental health and mental illness

Mental health is part of us this needs to be recognised from a young age

Could we make mental illness less of a big deal?

BME communities use differing language to define the same thing

A holistic approach is important, including the spiritual aspect

Accessibility and outreach, people need to be accessed where they are

Information needs to be easily availableMental Health in the Community

What is normal? It doesn’t exist

Differences within culture matter – it depends on perception

Take time to talk to one another

A mental health neighbourhood watch – Watching for wellbeing

Community events for bonding

Take the risk and reach out, talk to those nearest you about their wellbeing

GP referral process  – preventative care not just crisis care

Wellbeing rather than mental health

Use language that is less easily judged

Engage people in activities that address wellbeing without being obvious

The word mental is an issue itself

Wellbeing is totality of wellness – physical, mental and social

Maybe people will shy away less if we use this terminology?

The influence the environment has on wellbeing needs recognising

External forces that will potentially sabotage our wellbing

People need tools to cope with this.

Part II

How can we create more spaces for education sharing and support?How can mental health be promoted in communities

We need to challenge the compartmentalism between physical and mental health

Giving people options – not always the GP

Wellbeing Centres would be good

Individuals respect our ways of communicating and recognise that we won’t always understand each other

Learning to understand ourselves is key

Recognise that mental health adds wealth to the experience of life.

How to make this topic engaging and fun and encourage people to take responsibility for ourselves

Not focus on problems all the time

Creativity is really important, this makes things more engaging

As a culture we see feelings as things to be negative about

People are equal to each other

Emotional connection and emotional intelligence have to occur and be balanced – role modelling

Embracing creativity – promote the arts for all improve societal wellbeing

Good can come from bad

Idea of value – transient but revolutionary

The value of hyperbole and the joy of a crumb on the floor

Rewarding activity to return to, we all need this

Give people tools to not have to go to the doctors in the first place!

How do we gain and maintain momentum from this meeting?

Social prescribing – not ideal to have GPs doing this but maybe it is a step in the right direction?

Educating ourselves about what helps us is important

Barriers between organisations need breaking down and better collaboration

Organisations could join together perhaps gifting time to young people to educate them

Suggested themes for next time were:

How do we break down barriers?

What is good mental health?

How can we best utilise the skills we have within our limited resources?

Next theme decided is: What is good mental health?