100 Years of Mental Health Care in Hampshire – last chance to view exhibition

This exhibition is based on work carried out over the past year on the history of mental health care in Hampshire.

Volunteers have been doing their own research, sharing memories, and collaborating in creative activities, including poetry, art and drama, to bring all this information to life.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery, and supported by the Portsmouth History Centre – the exhibition is on the 2nd Floor of the Central Library until Friday 15 December.

Opening event for mental health heritage exhibition

New Mental Wealth Trialogue in Gosport

Thanks to Healthwatch Hampshire, we’re hosting four Mental Wealth Trialogue events in Gosport. The first of these is on Wednesday, 29th November from 4-6pm.

Anyone is welcome to attend who has an interest in mental health – whether you’ve had lived experience, whether you’re a carer, family member or friend of someone experiencing mental ill-health, or whether you work in mental health services in some shape or form.

Click here to find out more about what a Mental Wealth Trialogue is, and what’s been discussed at Trialogue events held in Portsmouth and Southampton over the past 2 years.

Click here to book your place and let us know you’re coming.

New: Bringing Memories to Life Workshops

Get your Mental Wealth postcards here

This new set of 15 postcards has been produced by the Good Mental Health Cooperative for sale to help support our projects.

Artist Claire Holloway has created visual images inspired by the discussions that took place at our Mental Wealth Trialogue events across Hampshire.

The postcards are ideal for groups and workshops to engage people creatively in exploring issues around our mental health and wellbeing.

Click here to see the full set

What are your memories of mental health care?

As part of a mental health history project funded by the Heritage Lottery, our project group have created a short survey to begin gathering people’s memories of using or working in mental health services.

We know there are some of you whose memories go back at least 50 years to the 1960s, but you don’t have to go back that far! Memories from 10 years ago are just as welcome.

We’re particularly interested in your memories of the hospitals in South East Hampshire – St.James Hospital in Portsmouth and Knowle Hospital in Wickham. However any memories of being in contact with mental health services are welcome – whether as a service user, a carer or family member, a visitor, or as a worker.

Here are some examples of memories shared so far:

“My grandmother was a night nurse and used to ride around the grounds on her bike taking over staff breaks. She also used to feed the feral cats. This was in the 1960’s.”

 “The length of the main corridor and the diversity of activity it contained. Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Porters, Visitors and others. Walking, strolling, leaning, talking, arguing, working and smoking, it was like the High Street in a small town, I was fascinated.”

 “Hazy memories of the staff. Going into a different ward to the one I was in and telling everyone to wake up and get up in the middle of the night. Giving a signed agreement to receive ECT without the knowledge or agreement of kin. This was rectified as I mentioned signing something to my husband at visiting time a short time later. I have always felt relief that I didn’t receive that particular cure although I have heard that it was found to be beneficial in some cases.”

Click here to share your memories

Portsmouth GE17 Candidates Respond to Questions on Mental Health

The planned election hustings, ‘Social Justice and Mental Health’ in Portsmouth, had to be cancelled in the aftermath of the tragic events in Manchester. However, we followed up by sending all the aspiring parliamentary candidates the list of five questions prepared by Mind, the national mental health charity, for the election campaign.

You can click here to see the document with all the responses received from Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Libertarian Party candidates in Portsmouth.

Social Justice and Mental Health – General Election Hustings event

Mental health has been highlighted as a key policy priority early in the 2017 election campaign, with proposals to change the law, provide additional staff in mental health services, bring an end to discrimination in employment practice, and deliver Mental Health First Aid training in all schools – among others.

Mind, the mental health charity, is calling on all political parties to honour 6 commitments which will improve the lives of everyone affected by mental health issues:

This event is an opportunity for people interested in mental health services in the city to question our local party candidates on their policy priorities.

Click here to book your place at this event

Good Mental Health Coop hits QA Hospital

We were delighted to be invited to two events at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth recently. First we took part in a staff wellbeing event to mark World Health Day, and had a very busy day talking to a wide range of hospital staff browsing the stalls. The children’s books published by the Sanity Company proved particularly popular, and we were able to promote our Human Library event which took place the following week.

We brought the Hampshire Human Library to the main entrance of Queen Alexandra Hospital thanks to an invitation from the Patient Experience team. This was a great opportunity to engage with staff, patients and relatives and challenge stigma through the power of one to one conversations.

Next Trialogue event in Southampton

Join us on Wednesday 29 March for the next Mental Wealth Trialogue in Southampton.

A ‘Trialogue’ group is a neutral space where people can gather to develop their understanding on mental health issues, including the challenges of maintaining good mental health, and to transform thinking on developing better services and healthy communities.

The Trialogue event will be from 6 – 8 pm at the Old Chemist in Bitterne Park, Southampton.

Click here for more information and to book your free place.